Client Bios

IMG_5425Bridget Yates

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a molecular and cellular biologist, mother of two, wife of one, paleo eater, avid crossfitter, sleep enthusiast and aspiring stress evader. I started crossfit almost three years ago in an attempt to reduce stress and get in shape. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was clear from the beginning that I had a lot of work to do. I left my first class mortified by the fact that I could not do a single pushup (not even from my knees or leaning on a bench) and questioned whether or not I should even return later that week. Thankfully, I turned that around, swallowed my ego and came back determined to get better. Six months later, I set and met an 8-week goal to do 10 pushups from my toes, four months after that I participated in my first

crossfit competition and have been competing ever since. My passion for crossfit has yet to find its limit.

Why did you seek out private coaching?

I set a goal last June to make it to Regionals. I wasn’t sure how many years it

would take or if I would ever be able to make it. I knew what I had to do, and was working hard on my weaknesses several days a week after class. I entered every competition I could find. January rolled around and I began to panic. I had so far to go and knew I needed help. There was only so much I could do and see on my own and needed someone who could help guide me. I’m happy to report that I made it on the team and competed at Regionals!

What has the experience of working with Marcus been like for you?

Working with Marcus has been amazing. I used to spend a lot of time stressing about my workouts, what I should be focusing on, how to attack my weaknesses, what weights I should be using, how hard I should be pushing, etc. Often times I would feel lost. He has taken that on for me. It has drastically changed the way I train. My job now is to show up everyday, give everything I have, recover and come back the next day. In addition to his awesome programming, I think what has surprised me the most has been how much he has helped me through some of the mental challenges of

training and competing. He’s been there to celebrate my successes and also to guide me through my disappointments. He has a calming quality about him and gives me confidence when I need it. I trust him completely. He is remarkably knowledgeable. He is always available if I have questions or need help with something. I feel very fortunate to have him as a coach.

How have you seen yourself develop and grow as an athlete while working with Marcus?

In many ways, I owe Marcus credit for most of what I know when it comes to

crossfit. He was my first coach. He put me through my protocols and I stuck

with him in his skills class for three months before venturing off into the general population. I believe he helped me develop a good foundation to build upon. Coming back to him when I needed help felt natural. My ultimate goal is to become a well-rounded athlete and, although I have a long way to go, I feel closer to that than ever. The thing I love most is lifting heavy weight. I do less of that now and spend more time working on my weaknesses: gymnastics, capacity and endurance. I’ve seen gains across the board. I’m getting stronger, faster, and my gymnastics skills have increased significantly. I’m doing more muscle ups, C2B pullups, hspus, ring dips, ring pushups, etc. than ever before.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about going the route of private coaching?

I say do it. It’s the best decision I’ve made to achieve my fitness goals and it has taken my crossfit training to the next level.


Family Pic

Steve Crane

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a 45-year old husband and father of two who fits the classic definition of a weekend warrior.  My hobby of choice is running ultra marathons and spending time outdoors with my family whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Health, happiness and creative expression are the cornerstones of our family ideals so pursuing hobbies in a responsible manner as very near the top of my list of priorities.
Why did you seek out private coaching?
I turned to Marcus for coaching in early 2011 when I learned I’d gained entry into the North Face Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc Ultra marathon.  The race takes begins in the Chamonix France and circumnavigates the Mont Blanc mountain range by way of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.  While I had plenty of ultra running experience at the 100-mile distance, the demands of this race would be well beyond anything I’d ever experienced – 104-miles with 32,000 ft of ascent and 32,000 ft. of total descent.  I asked for Marcus’ leadership in preparing me for this challenge in effort to maximize my experience and effort.
What has the experience of working with Marcus been like for you?
I have the benefit of writing this testimonial AFTER completing the race and can’t emphasize enough how perfect the programming was that Marcus prescribed.  The race was relentless, demanding so much more from the mind and body than I ever could have imagined.  Our regular programming was very similar to race day not just in the way of the physical movement and exercises, but because both demanded my full commtiment and attention.  I was able draw upon my training experience with great confidence on race day to calm the jitters I’m sure so many of the runners had. During the two years leading up this race I never had to remind myself of my goals during my training as a result of having already committed to the process.  While there were physical and emotional highs and lows, Marcus’ calm and consistent demeanor kept me on track throughout. He leads by example. Knowing how hard he works as an athlete himself is a very powerful motivator. The payoff for working with Marcus was a performance I can be proud of and an abundance of fitness to carry me forward into other endeavors.
How have you seen yourself develop and grow as an athlete while working with Marcus?
My physical abilities and mental endurance have greatly exceeded my expectations.  My goal was to build strength and balanced fitness in pursuit of ideal performance.  As a result of working with Marcus, I now have the strength and skill of a Crossfitter to match my strength and skills as a 100-mile ultrarunner.  I don’t know any other utrarunners who also have the same level of overall fitness that I have developed. My experience with Marcus has also completely reshaped my definition of health, fitness, longevity and long term goals within sport and recreation.  He has given me the opportunity to learn first hand the importance of diet, nutrition, recovery, mobility and most importantly – how to work hard without injury.
What would you say to someone who is thinking about going the route of private coaching?
I don’t believe anyone can reach their fullest potential without the guidance of a coach who understands who you are and what you want.  To truly maximize performance we all need another set of eyes and an objective expert who can make decisions in the absence of hesitation and fear.  Working with the right coach is an express ticket to learning more about yourself, your sport and life.  There is no subsitute for finding the right coach. I’m forever grateful to Marcus for investing in me and his part in creating an experience that will continue to shape the rest of mine and my family’s life as a result of being overprepared on race day.

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