Private Coaching

Private Coaching with Individualized Program Design

Hiring a private coach allows you as an athlete or fitness enthusiast to be sure that what you do every day is designed and specific to your goals and your needs. We get to know your fitness background, lifestyle, current program, and goals for the future, and customize a program for you, including nutrition.

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reviverx-45Marcus Filly grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He played multiple sports as a child including soccer, baseball and golf, which eventually led to a collegiate career in soccer at the University of California, Berkeley. There he earned his degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition and Physiology. After Berkeley he complete a year of graduate work at the Ohio State University School of Medicine.

His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to CrossFit in 2007. He has gone on to compete at the CrossFit Games 6 times, three times as an individual (2016 12th fittest) and three times as a team member (2012 6th fittest team). Marcus is also the captain and member of the Phoenix Rise in the NPGL. For two years he has been voted to the all GRID league team, in 2016 earning 1st team honors, and in 2015 earning the award for leadership excellence.

Marcus has been a health and fitness coach for 8 years since leaving Medical School in 2009. He was formerly a CrossFit facility owner for 5 years, has completed all 5 of the OPEX CCP courses, and has coached clients remotely from all over the world. He has coached athletes at the CrossFit Games as well as several Regionals athletes.

He lives with his wife Megan, and they are expecting a baby in early 2017. He lists his parents, Barbara and Roy, as his role models and drive to succeed in life.

reviverx-36Shanna Guzman swam for the Terrapin Swim Team in Concord as an age group swimmer and through high school.  She went on to compete for Southern Methodist University and later transferred to University of San Diego and finished her college swimming.  Post college she competed in olympic distance Triathlon, Master’s Swimming for The Olympic Club, and competed in marathons.  As a Master’s swimmer she was a world Championship in the 200m Back in 2006 and multiple national titles from 2006-2012.  She also qualified and ran in the Boston Marathon in 2013.  In 2016 she is starting her journey as a Master’s athlete in CrossFit.

Shanna‘s background in coaching fitness stems back to 2004 when she first got her NASM Personal Trainer Certification. In Santa Cruz, she began coaching through personal training and group fitness classes at Optimal Health and Fitness.  At that time she coached age group swimming for Santa Cruz County Aquatics and Masters Swimming at Simpkins Swim Center.  In 2010, she made her move to San Francisco and continued her personal training and coaching at Breakaway Performance.  She soon came across the sport of fitness at TJs Gym in Mill Valley and had started to implement CrossFit for her own training in endurance sports. In 2012, she began her career as a coach in the sport of fitness. She continues to do personal training and individual program design for athletes that have a variety of goals, including competitive CrossFit.  She is currently enrolled in the OPEX Coaches Certification Program where she gains new perspectives on program design, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Athletically, Shanna is currently being coached by Mike Lee of OPEX and is focused on developing herself to compete in the 40+ division of the CrossFit Games this year.

13 thoughts on “Private Coaching

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in personal coaching and just want to see if this might be for me. I currently do crossfit at crossfit riverside and have been here for a year. I love the strength part but I don’t feel that I have the body results I really desire. I’d love to get advice on what route I should go in!

    Thank you (:

    • Dear Marissa

      I’m so sorry I never responded to this message. I hope you have navigated the past many months and found your groove in training. If for any reason you are still interested in discussing training and possible coaching with me please email me at

      Best Regards,

  2. Hey,

    My name is Michael, I wanted to see if you provide nutrition/daily diet plans. For gaining muscle. Recommendations or other information regarding nutrition. Simple plans or formats that I could follow to reach my goal!


    Michael Laurenti

  3. Hi marcus,

    I have noticed in a lot of your Instagram posts that you do a lot of accessory work. Do you follow a specific program that has that or do you do it yourself? I have been realizing lately how important it is and could use some direction on how to incorporate it.

  4. Hey Marcus, I follow you on Instagram and really like your programming. It is exactly what I would like to be doing, I know you offer personal coaching, but I honestly cannot afford that as I am a college student. I was wondering if you will ever publish or offer just programming like many other boxes do online? For example, Invictus. I understand that you don’t have the staff that Invictus does, but of course you are writing programming for others and yourself anyways, and offering it online would be greatly appreciated by many. Thanks for reading at the very least, and helping others in their goals.

    Best Regards,

    Tyler L.

    • Hey Tyler,

      Thank you for following along. I can appreciate that being a student means that your budget is tight. I was a student for many years. I learned that I had to really prioritize what I truly wanted in my life, budget for those things, and sacrifice others. I chose to make all my own food in medical school, and live in a slightly less fancy apartment, so I could afford to train at a nice gym and pay the membership dues that it asked for. If you look at your finances today there are ways to budgeting for things you really want by cutting expenses. If it matters that much to you I know you can find a way to make it happen.

      In the meantime I will continue to share ideas, training concepts, videos, etc… on my website and social media channels that you can have access to for free. I hope you continue to find them useful.

      • Thanks for the quick response, it’s nice to see the commitment to your website. I fully understand what your reply, even though unfortunately I cannot afford it no matter how much I would budget due to expenses that are non-negotiatable (gas, food, payments, etc.) Hopefully at a later date I will be in a better position where I have less payments, more income, and still enough time to spend training. Thanks again, and I appreciate the content that you do put out.

        Tyler L.

  5. I just started crossfit about 6 months ago and now I relocated to another area in south Florida. With my last box they had their own programming for their extreme athletes so I was doing two workouts today. My fitness goals is to not to just become fit but I want a to compete is a physique competition in November of next year and eventually doing some fitness modeling. Would you be able to assist??

    • Dear Calvin,

      It sounds like you are pretty clear about your goals. Aesthetic goals would likely best be achieved through a focused program that isn’t just driven by a performance fitness approach. I’d encourage you to go down the route of following an individualized program with your physique goals as the priority, but the exercise selection that will keep you enjoying what you are doing and staying excited about training.

  6. Hey Marcus,
    I’m very interested in working with you specifically.
    My focus is Olympic Weightlifting and I’m aiming to compete and give a real go in 2018-2020 in weightlifting and possibly CrossFit, so I’ve got the long game in mind, but I also want to look good in the process! #functionalbodybuilding The sooner the better for sure. I’m a general manager at a rapidly growing Globo gym, Aspire Fitness, so time is tight but I am ready to work.
    Jayme Olson

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